Knit already will you?

I’m procrastinating this scarf thing because this dumb website keeps telling me I should tell you all about me, whoever “you all” is. I’m talking to myself right now. The before it comes out to the page it is talking to yourself. In your own voice? Are you talking in your own voice? It’s just a scarf, dude. Just cast on. Size 9 knitting needles. Starting with one skein of Loops and Threads, Impeccable, worsted. Color: 02011 (Kimono Ombre).

Way to rep Michael’s even though I’ve given my life savings to them in yarn and crafts and art and paints and all kinds of shit supplies.


Casting on….let’s say 20. Because 24 looked weird. And just knitting is not where it’s at with this colorway, which is what I found out with the one I froggied. Bahh. Text message. Check it? Keep writing. Keep writing.

Want to check the text. Technology is death of the soul. The death of real peace. Listening to Bon Iver- Skinny Love. Wow, this isn’t making me depressed at all though. Maybe it’s just the good Mary Jane.

Cast on 20. Knit the first row.


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