Awake I am

And was, at 6 AM. Bright and early for the vortex that is 11-11-11. Talking to Raven. Playing Q & A. Fun, terrifying.

Want to knit. Just want to get lifted already and experience newness somehow.

Waiting for the answer to: “If you played me a record, what would it be?”

Answer? When we talk, the soundtrack to koyaanisqatsi [Great, now I have to find out what the fuck that even is.] When you catch my eye Dark Side of the Moon.

I am freezing cold, sitting on my deck, being a total dick. I am a dick. I am trying not to screw all of this up. But…when you’re not happy, you’re not happy. When you’re questioning everything? Everything ever? Ugh.

Want to just knit. And forget. Knit and forget. Knit and remember. Dreamless sleep.


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