About 4×6…

So.. The Scarf is now 4 inches wide and about 6 inches long. New needles, new yarn.

Acceptance. Going with the flow and a lot of “I’ll fix that later”s.

Lessons learned tonight: Knitting under a full moon is beautiful, invigorating and fucking cold.

You have to choose your material carefully when making a scarf. Because if you like it, you’ll want to keep touching it and working with it. If you hate it, you’re just going to get frustrated and feel bad about what you’re doing because you won’t be enjoying it.

Repetitive nature of scarf knitting is like doing mantra on a mala or rosary.

Sometimes I find myself thinking “knit, purl, knit, purl” and realize I’m actually saying them in the wrong order. That it’s a meditation. You become it and it becomes you. And Ducky trying to force me to watch The Bourne Identity was messing with my knit-chi. He just kept turning to me making sure I was watching. I just wanted to knit the scarf. What is preventing me from knitting this scarf? A lot of it seems to be Ducky, and my horrible lack of acceptance and procrastination.

Ducky, now standing, meandering around, moaning and groaning in the doorway. Telling me Shakti has a “stinky butt but she doesn’t wanna go dumpies.” Shakti being our dog, excuse me, *his* dog. Because, like all 29 year old manchilds, I feel like I am their mother. Ughh.

So maybe a picture would help. Let’s see if I can get one right now….opening photobooth…


Ok. Sleep. No. Knitting. BALANCE! Ahhh!

This is the new piece next to the frogged piece:

I wrote a journal entry tonight that will have to be shared tomorrow morning. I know that’s the whole point- the whole, what’s going on in this chick’s life during this process. But I’m just so damned tired….. alright….damnit, ALRIGHT! You asked for it…I have to get up off my ass and get my journal now..



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