What happens to us in the time it takes to knit a scarf?

Life in the length of a scarf. Do I have time to pick my “obligatory” blog theme? Should I spend time with that? Making this page look all nice and pretty so that everyone wants to come look at my pretty pretty blog about absolutely nothing?

There are so many blogs. So many concepts. Maybe this one has even been done before. I wouldn’t know. I don’t really read blogs or know anything about them. I’m a Gen-X-Y Cusper. Geez, that sounds sort of hermaphroditic, doesn’t it? I should be twittering or something. Or Plus One’ing. That’s the new one right?

Truth be told? I don’t have cable television. I don’t have an I-Phone and I can’t even find my Ipod. But really? Make a mix CD, really, man. Make a MIX TAPE. Because if you really like a girl? Take the time to fucking do that, you know? If you’re wondering why romance is dead it’s because of technology. You can debate that all you want, um, whoever “you” are. But really. If a guy took the time to make a mixtape for me with songs that all remind him of me and us and our love and things we did and walks in the fucking park? Damn guys, you’d all be planning a wedding right now instead of reading this blog. But that’s right. You don’t want to have anything to do with the planning aspect. You just want “commitment”. Feminist rant? Nah. No time to get angry really. No time to get angry.

I have to knit this scarf. I frogged the one I was working on. I didn’t like the way the colorway was turning out. I don’t even know if that’s the correct term but I sure as fuck like using it.

So. Damn. This all happened before I started knitting the scarf. So it doesn’t count. So don’t read it. Stop reading this right now.

I told you to stop! This is before the project. But I came up with the idea for the project and then did this.

The time it takes to do something includes the time it takes to think of doing something.

That’s kind of depressing. Because I thought of this, frogged the old scarf, took pictures and video of me doing so, smoked a bowl and decided to be Ink Ogneato. Real original there. Ink.


So I guess….so I guess….if you really wanted to. You could smoke, turn on The Black Keys and then start reading this from the beginning and past the part where I said to stop reading because then you’d never get to this part.

Cast on, girl, cast on.

While you think about men. And how you can’t stop. Stop it. Wanting that feeling.


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