Just sitting at the book store.

So, I got dragged out of the house by Ducky. Told him I didn’t want to go, but somehow, there I was. In the car….then getting car sick….then walking into the Craft Store, then having a huge panic attack, then going to Wendy’s, then going BACK to the craft store.

I am now the proud new owner of size 10.5 rosewood knitting needles. AND yarn that’s pretty damn awesome and was on sale for 1.99. Therefore, I am now changing everything. New yarn, new colors, new needles.

“Nobody broke your heart, you broke your own cuz you can’t finish what you start”- Elliot Smith

I don’t want to break my own heart anymore. In so many ways.

In the way that I want to finish something that I start. That’s so simple, yet such a strong and complex test on me personally.

In the way that I enjoy flirting with people who are not Ducky.

Butterflies and Ravens and Hawks, oh my.


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